Fast Music Vol.4

Fast Music Vol.4 - Royalty Free Music by Seldome

WAV Maniacs Presents Fast Music Vol.4 - Audio Asset by Seldome.
Drum And Bass royalty free music for your video games. Contain 6 full mixed tracks and loop parts.

1. Female (Cm 87 BPM)
2. Glamy (Fm 87.50 BPM)
3. Jungle (Cm 87 BPM)
4. Nuf (Fm 82 BPM)
5. Selects (Fm 80 BPM)
6. Smarty (Cm 80 BPM)

•Stereo WAV Files
•16-bit / 44.100 kHz
•Number of Audio Tracks: 118
•Does music loop: Yes
•Separated by stems: No
•Minutes of audio provided: 43 min 44 sec
•Works on all platforms