WAV Maniacs and its Artists are supported exclusively via music licensing, and every dollar makes a difference. It has no ads nor sponsors. By purchasing a license you are contributing to this project’s funding and helping us (We and our Artists) to keep it going and make a difference in this project’s future, which leads to more music!

What Payment methods can I use?

The accepted modes of payment include Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal.


Are you available to compose original music for new projects?

We’re always interested in getting involved in new projects, as long as we have time and the project sounds interesting to us. Drop us a line and let’s discuss.


How to insert the attribution?

In order to use our music under the Creative Commons License you must credit the composer and HookSounds.  This will enable us to continue offering a wide range of royalty free music.

How to attribute

   – For websites:

Insert the attribution on the page where the track is to be played (usually as a page footer) or on your product page.

   – For Videos:

For YouTube, Vimeo or any other video platforms, the attribution must appear in the description field.

   – Social Networks: 

If you desire to upload any of our resources to your social networks please remember that you must insert the attribution on the publication and in the description of the video (or any corresponding content).

In all the above cases the attribution must contain a link to www.hooksounds.com. For instance:

Artist: Name of the author

Title: Title of the track


Where Name of the author is the name of the artist of the song you’ve downloaded and Title of the track is the name of the track you’ve download.